You give your clients wise advice… so why do some of them ignore it? 

 help your clients get out of their own way, take action, & FINALLY start listening to you!

Discover the reasons why some clients...

Brush aside your best advice… even though it's exactly what they need to reach their goals 

Stay stagnant or freeze out of fear when financial freedom is just a few steps away 

Make foolish moves and irresponsible withdrawals, that totally violate everything you've told them 

The answer has nothing to do with their goals. 

It has to do with their beliefs. 

What if you had access to 47 emotional money tools you felt confident using? 

Tools that get to the heart of your clients’ issues? 

Tools to help them achieve lasting financial success? (Ones they'll ACTUALLY use this time.)


If you're a heart-centered financial professional or money coach, searching for tools that get to the root of your clients' money issues, the Foundations of Financial Dignity® Training is for you.

Because you know these problems are there, but you just don't know what to do about them.

Now you'll have access to 47 proven techniques to assist your clients with their emotional money issues, and you’ll know exactly when and how to use them.

With this video course, you'll master all of the emotional money tools covering the 7 Pillars of Personal Finance.

I’ve field tested each and every one of these techniques & I know they work. 

And once you’ve completed the Foundations of Financial Dignity® Training, you'll serve your clients a whole new level. 

Isn't that why you got into this business in the first place? 

BONUS! The modules of this course have collectively been approved for 6.5 CE (continuing education) units by the CFP® Board. 


6 Video Trainings taught by Christine Luken, Founder of the Financial Dignity® Movement  ($1,500 Value)

6 Financial Dignity® Guides on how to use all of the emotional money tools with your clients ($300 Value)
Prosperity Plan Worksheets + video tutorials on how to use them with clients ($200 Value)

BONUS: Earn 6.5 Continuing Education units approved by the CFP® Board


$2,000.00 of Valuable Training and Resources 

Yours for only $333

The Foundations of Financial Dignity® Training contains EVERYTHING you need to help your clients get out of their own way, take action, & FINALLY start listening to you.

Meet Your Expert Trainer

Hi, I’m Christine Luken, Founder of the Financial Dignity® Movement. 

For the past 14 years, I’ve instructed and coached thousands of couples and individuals through their emotional money issues. I’ve learned from experience which tools produce results with clients. 

I’ve made a detailed study of money and mindset, attending countless seminars, trainings, and webinars, plus reading over 100 books about money. (Yes, really!)

I've authored three books: Financial Dignity After Divorce, Money is Emotional, and Manage Money Like a Boss. I'm also a Certified Divorce Specialist, so you'll get insight into how this emotional life transition affects financial decision making.

In the Foundations of Financial Dignity® Training, you're going to get access to ALL of the emotional money techniques I use with my clients and detailed training on exactly how to use them. If want to have the tools to assist your clients to become and stay financially healthy, the Foundations of Financial Dignity® Training is for you!

We'll Cover the 7 Pillars of Personal Finance

(That the textbooks never taught you)

1 - Understanding Your Client's Emotional Money Behaviors: Uncover the underlying reasons your clients refuse to implement the strategies you teach them —and correct the roots of their financial issues. 

2 - Overcoming Your Clients' Resistance to Budgeting: Discover a superior alternative to the budget, which allows your clients to enjoy life while accomplishing their financial goals.

3 - Helping Clients Conquer Emotional Spending: Guide clients away from emotional and mindless spending, and towards mindful intention.

4 - The Emotional Weight of Debt
: Teach your clients how to use debt safely as a tool to achieve their long-term goals, without weighing them down.


5 - Emotionally Charged Savings: Learn the special techniques that actually get your clients excited to save and invest for the future! (Yes, really!)

6 - Communicating about Money in Relationships: Discover tools to help your clients communicate more peacefully and openly about money.

7 - Maintaining Financial Success: Once your clients get to a place of success with their money, it's important they learn the skills to maintain it, even as their financial situation changes.

BONUS - Money & Emotions during Divorce & Widowhood: Navigate the tricky emotional situations of divorce and widowhood with your clients, ensuring they make wise money decisions along the way.

Foundations of Financial Dignity® Training

 Investment: Only $333! 

  • 6 Video Trainings by Christine Luken, Founder of the Financial Dignity® Movement ($1,500 Value)
  • 6 Financial Dignity® Guides that explain exactly how and when to use the different emotional money tool with your clients one-on-one ($300 Value)
  • Prosperity Plan Worksheets plus video tutorials on how to use them. ($200 Value)
  • BONUS: CFP's earn 6.5 CE units for completing all modules of the course!
$2,000.00 of Valuable Training and Resources for only $333 for a VERY limited time!


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